Brown tourist information sign

White on brown tourist signs promote tourism and economic growth in our county by directing visitors safely to some of the best facilities and attractions the county offers. We assess all applications for brown tourist signs to maintain the high standards that visitors expect at destinations signposted in this way. They should not be seen as advertising.

Before applying for a brown tourist sign for your attraction or facility, please check that it is eligible.

Eligibility for tourist signs

To be eligible to make an application, you must be able to demonstrate that the tourist destination is:

  • Permanently established and open to people making casual visits
  • Open at least four hours a day for at least 150 days per year, excluding Bank Holidays
  • Publicised as a tourism attraction/facility
  • Visited by a significant number of people visiting from outside the locality

 Not all eligible applications will be granted entitlement to a tourist sign. All applications are also judged on considerations such as:

  • Traffic management needs
  • Local amenity
  • Environmental issues
  • Road safety

For more information on the type of facility or attraction which can be signed and on how we determine applications, please view our Tourist signing policy before deciding whether to make an application.

Application form for brown tourist sign

There is a non-returnable fee of £165 for each application you submit. We retain this fee whether or not the application is successful, to cover the assessment of eligibility and other administration costs. Please complete the whole application form and provide any supporting information as requested.

Download an application form for a brown tourist sign

The full cost of tourist signing is the responsibility of the applicant. For more details about the cost of sign design, supply, erection and maintenance please view the Tourist signing policy.


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