From time to time we receive requests to recognise and record highway rights. If you wish the rights to be recorded on the legal record of public rights of way, the Definitive Map and Statement (DMS), please visit the Modifying the Definitive Map pages.

Highway records other than the Definitive Map and Statement

To request the addition of a pre-existing route, or a correction, to a highway record other than the DMS, for example, the s36 Highways Act 1980 List of Streets (LoS), or the Street Works Register (SWR), please complete an application to amend Herefordshire Council's Highway Records.

We will require you to provide a map detailing the amendment together with evidence to justify the change - for instance that the route has highway status and is maintainable at public expense. You can find more information about the type of map and evidence you will need to supply, on the application form. You can read more about the agreed process we follow when we receive these requests in our Highway Records Protocol.

As many of the evidence requirements are similar to those needed when making a request for a Definitive Map Modification Order, you may find it useful to refer to the DMMO research guidance when researching your evidence.

Completed forms should be sent to: Public Rights of Way, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE