There is a standard national fees list. The fee for your application is dependent on the type of application you are making.

It's important that you submit the correct fee, so that your application is not delayed.

Holiday units and dwellings

Holiday accommodation and dwellings both fall within the same Use Class (C3) but when calculating planning fees there are various types of holiday accommodation proposals that require a different assessment under the fee categories.

In response to the range of accommodation types that are submitted, Herefordshire Council has adopted the following approach to assist applicants in respect of fee calculations:

  • New builds and changes of use that are capable of self-contained residential use (for example, lodges, park homes, static caravans and converted units capable of self-contained use), the fee will be the same as charged as new dwellings. (Per unit of accommodation) 
  • Any form of holiday accommodation that involves operational development, but is not capable of self-contained residential use (for example glamping pods, yurts, safari tents, shepherds huts that remain in situ throughout the holiday season), the application will be treated as commercial floor space and the fee based upon the total external floor area of each structure and will include any covered/canopied areas of platforms/terraces/decking/hardstanding. Any associated uncovered areas or structures will be calculated as operational development per 0.1 hectare of part thereof and the higher of the fees will be charged.
  • Accommodation that is genuinely temporary or easily moveable (for example tents, shepherds huts, shipping containers and touring caravans, aeroplanes and railway carriages where no hardstanding or other structures are proposed) the fee will be based upon the change of use of the land upon which the structures are sited. This would allow for more than one structure within the application site under a single fee.

See current fee schedule.

For the avoidance of doubt, generally where there are two or more fees associated with the development, the higher fee will be charged.

Fee calculator

Use the fee calculator on the Planning Portal website to determine the fee for your application.

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Please note: if your planning application is refused your planning application fee will not be refunded because it is an administration fee.

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