There is a standard national fees list. The fee for your application is dependent on the type of application you are making.

It's important that you submit the correct fee, so that your application is not delayed.

Holiday units and dwellings

Although a holiday unit and a dwelling both fall within the same use class this is not the case in terms of planning fees. Herefordshire Council considers holiday lets to be commercial development and to fall outside the definition of a 'dwellinghouse'. The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits)  (England) Regulations 2012 define a 'dwellinghouse' as a building which is to be used as a single private dwellinghouse and no other purpose.

Therefore, where Herefordshire Council considers the development to be for holiday let purposes (short or long term) even if the proposal had been described as a second home, the fee will be based on the floor area.

Please note, where the proposed development is for "the erection of dwellings", which are then subsequently sold as second homes, the fee would be classified as a 'dwellinghouse'.

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Please note: if your planning application is refused your planning application fee will not be refunded because it is an administration fee.

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