Cabinet Commission - Restoring the Wye

Cabinet Commission for four councils involved in the Cabinet Commission for Restoring the Wye

The Cabinet Commission was approved by Cabinet on 29 September 2022. It aims to undertake a more strategic and systems-led review of river quality to progress the restoration of the River Wye Special Area of Conservation (SAC) to favourable conditions.

Herefordshire Council has brought Powys, Monmouthshire and Forest of Dean Councils (the four councils of the Wye) together to form the new Commission to take a fresh look at the phosphate challenges on the Wye.

The Commission will seek to produce recommendations and a new action plan by the spring of 2023.

The Commission's objectives are to:

  • Task Herefordshire Council, which hosts the Nutrient Management Delivery Plan Board (NMP), to review its governance to strengthen it and ensure it delivers on its mission
  • Review the farming supply chain to identify what changes can be made to better manage waste leading to phosphate pollution
  • Work with the farming sector to develop plans to improve the management of manure on farms
  • Identify and make recommendations on what national government need to do to play their part in tackling the challenge
  • Look at what more our planning function can achieve to strengthen environmental protection

The Commission aims to provide its first report in the spring of 2023.

Public update following the Cabinet decision on 2 March 2023

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