Changes to the housing allocations scheme set to make the way people apply for affordable housing in Herefordshire easier

A new housing allocations scheme and upgraded website is being introduced in Herefordshire from mid-June to offer improved access to affordable rented accommodation for prospective tenants.

The changes to Home Point, Herefordshire’s current system for allocating affordable housing, will come into effect from Monday 22 June. 

The new system will include an improved allocations rating scheme to make applying and bidding for properties easier and provide applicants with more choice over the types of housing they can apply for.  The Home Point website will also receive a new look making it more user friendly.

Everyone registered on the current housing allocations scheme will shortly receive a letter informing them of the changes and when they come into effect and any action that they will need to take.

Under the new scheme Home Point will no longer operate the green, amber and red banding system.  This system has been replaced with 4 Bands A to D for applicants on the council’s housing register and see the introduction of a Band E that will enable applicants to apply directly to the housing associations.

  • Band A - For applicants assessed as having a significant urgent housing need
  • Band B - For applicants assessed as having an urgent housing need
  • Band C - For applicants with a housing need
  • Band D - For those with a reduced preference
  • Band E -This band enables applicants to apply directly to the housing associations.

The current system will stop receiving new housing applications on 5 June.  Registered applicants will be able to continue to bid for advertised properties until Monday 15 June and then the system will be unavailable for a week whilst the changes are implemented.  The new system will be available for new applications and bids from Monday 22 June.

Herefordshire Council and its housing association partners will continue to support the Home Point scheme.

Published: 4th June 2020