Herefordshire Council supports project to record the coronavirus lockdown in the county’s historic records

Residents are invited to submit images that reflect life in Herefordshire during the current lockdown in a project that aims to record this historic event.

Herefordshire Council’s archive and records team and libraries have joined forces with the Hereford Times to collect images that best capture the spirit and consequences of ‘Life Under Lockdown’ and will be part of the county’s historical records for years to come.

The current situation has touched the lives of people across the UK and has resulted in communities coming together in a way that hasn’t been seen since wartime Britain.  Groups and individuals have demonstrated selfless acts of kindness and actively supported vulnerable members of their communities. 

We believe there is no-one better to tell the Herefordshire story than the people who experienced lockdown whilst living and working in the county.

The project is looking for photographs that represent how the lockdown has affected everyday life in the county.  The pictures can represent how family life has changed, the empty streets normally filled with shoppers, volunteers working in the local community, families taking part in Clap for Carers, people creating protective equipment for frontline health workers and the local businesses that have diversified to meet the demands of the current situation.  Sadly for some people the images may also reflect a time of loss and grief. 

A panel will be tasked with compiling a collection of images from all of the photos submitted that they think best capture the spirit and consequences of the lockdown. The images will be kept for posterity in the county’s official Herefordshire ‘Life Under Lockdown’ photographic archive and will be available to view on the website

Councillor Gemma Davies, Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Commissioning, Procurement and Assets said: “The lockdown has had a deep impact on all of our lives in one way or another and will be remembered throughout history.  This project offers the opportunity to be creative and provide photographs of Herefordshire that will be used to represent this moment in time and may be viewed by future generations who will look back on how the county contributed towards beating the virus.”

To submit a photo visit or tag your images with #lifeunderlockdownHT on social media.

The Hereford Times will publish selections of photos as they are received, as well as the final pictures selected for the archive.

Published: 30th April 2020