Consider how your activity at home may impact neighbours

Everybody is now staying away from others to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. While we spend our time at home, it is important to remember that our neighbours are at home too. Here are some tips on how to be a good neighbour while we spend this extended time at home.

Garden waste

We have revised our waste collection service to prioritise the collection of general rubbish and recycling. Do not burn your garden waste, as the smoke can aggravate respiratory difficulties of those suffering from Coronavirus and other illnesses. Instead you could manage your garden waste at home in the following ways:

  • Cut and Drop - Don’t collect grass cuttings unless you intend to use them for home composting, simply cut the grass without the collector on.
  • Create a compost heap - No matter the size of your garden you should have space for a heap. If not use a low cost home composter to keep the garden tidy.
  • Create a wildlife habitat or bug hotel with thick branches and wood.
  • Use a licensed garden waste disposal service

Outside noise

You should also be mindful of the noise that you make while at home:

  • In the garden - Noise travels further from outside.
  • Stereos and TVs - Position the TV and speakers away from your neighbour’s wall and raised off the floor if possible. Ensure bass levels are turned down, as this will carry further.
  • Dogs - Constant barking or whining from a dog can be disturbing to neighbours. Try not to leave your dog outside on their own, as dogs may bark because they are lonely or unhappy.
  • DIY - Don’t mow your lawn or start DIY too early or late - you may be an early riser or a night owl, but others may not be!

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Published: 3rd April 2020