‘Evacuate Forthwith!’ talk remembers Herefordshire’s role in welcoming evacuees

Child evacuees from World War 2 attend welcome party

Welcome party for World War 2 evacuees (exact date unknown) © www.herefordshirehistory.org.uk Ross Gazette collection

The thought of sending your children off to live with strangers, not knowing where they will stay or for how long, is unimaginable. But for many families during the Second World War this was the reality, and for the evacuees themselves it was a life changing experience.

On 3 September 1939, war was declared in Europe. A few days before the war began, the British government began the mass evacuation of children from areas likely to be bombed. Around three million children were evacuated and sent to live with foster families in the countryside.

To mark the 80th anniversary of the evacuation, Herefordshire Council archivist Marcus Buffrey will present ‘Evacuate Forthwith!’. The talk will look at the role Herefordshire played - as told through the records held at Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre. Marcus is also appealing to anyone who may hold their own memories of the evacuation:

Evacuate Forthwith! will look at the role Herefordshire played in mass evacuation of World War 2, and the impact it had on both the evacuees and the communities who housed them. We want to hear from those with memories of the evacuation to Herefordshire, or anyone with family records of these events, so we can share these recollections as part of the talk.”

The talk will take place at Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre at 11.30am on 11 November 2019. Tickets cost £6 and booking is essential. To book a place email archives@herefordshire.gov.uk

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Published: Tuesday, 27th August 2019