Natural Flood Management project aims to reduce the risk of flooding to local rural communities

A project that promotes the use of natural measures to protect local rural communities from flooding has opened up a grant scheme to farmers and landowners.

The River Wye and Lugg Natural Flood Management project will provide funding to develop land and water management techniques which will reduce the risk of flooding to local communities.

The grant will help to pay for the construction of features such as leaky woody dams and attenuation basins. It also offers a financial contribution for adapting land management practices that help slow the flow of water to downstream communities. Natural Flood Management techniques can help to reduce the frequency and severity of flooding, with the added benefit of improving water quality, creating new habitats and enhancing biodiversity in the local natural environment.

Map showing the seven Herefordshire natural flood management catchments: Bodenham and Millcroft Brooks, Brimfield Book, Cheaton, Cogwell and Ridgemoor Brooks, Dulas Brook, Norton, Red and Twyford Brooks, Pentaloe Brook, Tedstone Brook

The grant is available to eligible farmers or landowners wishing to help reduce the risk of flooding to communities near the following watercourses:

  • Bodenham Brooks
  • Brimfield Brook
  • Cheaton, Cogwell and Ridgemoor Brooks
  • Dulas Brook
  • Norton, Red and Twyford Brooks
  • Pentaloe Brook
  • Tedstone Brook

Find out more about the Natural Flood Management Construction Grants Scheme and how to apply online at

Published: 21st March 2019