Apply for your childcare eligibility code by the 31 March 2019 to receive 30 hours of free childcare for the summer term

Herefordshire Council is reminding working parents and carers of children aged between 3 and 4 attending nursery provision, to apply to the government for your eligibility code before 31 March 2019, to receive 30 hours free childcare during the summer term.

Parents or carers of children aged between 3 and 4, who already have an existing code, will need to revalidate their code by 31 March, ready for the summer term.

To apply for a code or to revalidate an existing code visit

Parents or carers of a child aged 2, may be entitled to receive up-to 15 hours of funded childcare per week in a nursery, school or through a childminder.

For more information about the free childcare offer for parents or carers of a child aged 2, and to check whether you’re eligible visit

If you would like assistance to complete the application form for the funding for 2 year olds, please contact Herefordshire Council’s Children and Families Business Support Team on 01432 261584 or email




Published: Thursday, 14th March 2019