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A local farmer has been fined for keeping pigs and a calf in unsuitable conditions without access to clean water.

William Edward Hyde (also known at Billy Hyde), 68, of The Furlongs Farm in Little Hereford pleaded guilty to four animal welfare offences at Hereford Magistrates court.


Mr Hyde was fined a total of £900 for the offences and ordered to pay £3000 costs with a £30 victim surcharge. He also signed an undertaking to follow the welfare codes of practice for keeping pigs and cattle.


This case came about after Trading Standards Animal Welfare Officers from Herefordshire Council visited The Furlongs January 2017. During the visit they found that a number of pigs and a calf had unsuitable living conditions and did not have access to clean water.


During sentencing on the 28 June, District Judge Cadbury told Mr Hyde that due to his health issues and age it is clear that Mr Hyde cannot cope with livestock and should retire. The Judge dismissed the suggestion that Mr Hyde was being picked on by the Council, and said that it was apparent that Herefordshire Council were only acting in the best interest of the animals.


Marc Willimont, Head of Regulatory & Development Management Services, said: “Herefordshire Council do not take any prosecution lightly and, in the case of farmers, will only take formal court action when all other avenues to improve animal welfare on the farm have failed. Our officers are aware that, as some members of the farming community become elderly, they may no longer have the family support to assist them which historically many farmers could rely upon. In such cases our animal health officers will actively try to help by working with these farmers to improve welfare, both animal and human, by signposting farmers to organisations which can assist them in times of need.


“Herefordshire Council also recognise the contribution made by farmers to both the local community and its economy”.


If any farmers are struggling or if you have any worries about other members of the rural community, such as neighbours or relatives, then we would encourage contact with one of the organisations below:


Published: Friday, 6th July 2018