Keith Buchanan, trading as Buchanan Coaches, received fines and costs of just over £2k

A local coach business has received fines for not disposing of waste legally in a case taken to Hereford Magistrates Court which concluded on Monday 16 April 2018.

Keith Buchanan, 66, trading as Buchanan Coaches, of Stretton Sugwas, Hereford, pleaded guilty to failing in his duty of care to transfer his business waste, which included hazardous waste oil from commercial vehicles, to an authorised person and securing the transfer with a written description of the waste. He received fines and costs totalling £2068.88.

Officers from Herefordshire Council’s Community Protection Team found evidence of coach and commercial vehicle parts at Hereford Household Recycling Centre, and investigations led officers to Buchanan Coaches. Following this it was determined that Keith Buchanan did not have any documentation to show he had transferred his commercial waste to an authorised person between 20 February 2015 and 20 February 2017.

All businesses must ensure appropriate duty of care measures are in place so the waste they produce is disposed of correctly. Businesses must also have documentation to show who they have transferred the waste to and keep those records for at least two years.

Household Recycling Centres may only be used by residents in Herefordshire wishing to dispose of their own household waste. The deposit of commercial waste (any waste associated with a business) is unlawful at Household Recycling Centres and can result in prosecution.

Herefordshire Council’s Community Protection Team will investigate unlawful waste disposal and fly tipping cases that are reported online at

There is further information about responsible waste disposal for residents and businesses online at

Published: 2nd May 2018