Essential survey for any businesses who have an interest in cyber security, IT, data, technology, defence or security

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The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership, along with Gloucestershire, Swindon & Wiltshire and Worcestershire LEPs (working together as the Cyber Resilience Alliance) has commissioned a Cyber Security Science and Innovation Audit. The survey seeks to understand our region's economic, science, and innovation strengths, and combine national data sets with an “on the ground” view based on local data, knowledge and experience. Information gathered in the survey will help underpin future investment decisions, foster local collaboration and strengthen future bids for local investment from public and private sources.

To ensure we maximise the opportunity for local industry, it is essential that any businesses who have an interest in cyber security, IT, data, technology, defence or security, contribute to the survey to make sure that the audit captures the strengths of the region, and can best meet current and future industry needs. The survey shouldn't take more than ten minutes and businesses that contribute will receive a copy of the region’s Science and Innovation Audit (SIA) report, which will provide detailed information on current and future funding sources and opportunities, as well the region’s research and development strengths and the future direction of local industrial policy. 

The audit complies fully with the Data Protection Act 1998, and adhere to the Market Research Society's Code of Practice. As such, your information will be held securely, and responses will be anonymised unless you consent otherwise.

To complete the survey, please visit the Cyber Security Science and Innovation Audit web pages hosted by RSM Economic Consulting.


Published: 26th April 2018