£1.25m will help to repair potholes and protect the county’s roads from future severe weather

Herefordshire roads badly affected by the recent severe weather will benefit from an additional £1.25m of central government funding for repairs.

This funding, which totals £1,252,647, will be used to repair more roads, addressing the equivalent of 23,000 potholes and build in protection to help make the county’s roads more resistant to future severe weather.

Councillor Barry Durkin, Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport and Regulatory Services, said:

“This winter has seen exceptional weather in Herefordshire, and the prolonged freezing temperatures have had a detrimental impact on the county’s roads. We have seen an 84% increase in dangerous potholes and our teams have been working hard to remedy this problem.

“We welcome this additional central government funding which will be used to enhance our response to the challenges brought by the severe weather.”

Published: 26th March 2018