Statement in response to national media enquiries: 23 January 2018

Tuesday 23 January

Herefordshire Council can confirm that Mr Curry has been on the social housing waiting list since we met with him last Wednesday and he has placed a bid on a property. 

Our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant means we prioritise housing for former members of the services and they’re given an advantage on the waiting list.  We currently have 1,328 people and their families looking for social housing in Herefordshire and 13 of these have a forces background.  Everyone registered for social housing is advised that the more flexible they can be with their choice of location, the quicker they are likely to receive appropriate housing.  For example, there are 24 one-bed properties available across the entire county and only three of these are in Hereford city.

Herefordshire Council does not own any housing stock, it is held by a number of different housing associations across the county.  The council operates the social housing register and supports local people to apply and bid for available homes from housing associations.  Once a bid has been placed, the applicant liaises directly with the housing association and not the council.  However, the council does continue to provide support if people need to claim housing benefit.  

We know that it’s often hard for people to ask for support, especially in difficult personal circumstances, and our staff are sympathetic and supportive, whilst being fair to everyone who needs help.  The council continues to provide support for veterans across the county and is currently working in partnership with the Community Self Build Agency to build new homes for ex-service personnel in Leominster.

Monday 22 January

Herefordshire Council ensures that no member of the Armed Forces community faces disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen.

As part of the council’s commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, ex-members of the Armed Forces receive additional assistance to aid their position on the social housing waiting list, which should speed up an offer of securing appropriate housing.

We work to find suitable accommodation for any applicant that requires it and recommend that any individual requiring support of this nature, provides all the necessary details requested, so we can process and provide support in a timely manner.

There is more information about our commitment to supporting the Armed Forces in Herefordshire on the council's website

Wednesday 17 January

Herefordshire Council can confirm that it is actively working with this individual to secure accommodation within the county.

Unfortunately, to date the individual has not provided all the documentation needed to legally register for housing.  However, regardless of this, the council’s housing team has found and offered two different forms of accommodation, in areas which were agreeable to the individual, but which have subsequently been turned down.

We are continuing to work with the individual to help them secure appropriate housing.

Published: 23rd January 2018