Over 95% of Herefordshire are estimated to be registered to vote

Herefordshire Council’s annual canvass of households is now complete. The survey takes place every year to make sure that those who are eligible to vote are registered, and the updated electoral roll was published in December 2017.

Herefordshire added nearly 2,000 more voters onto the electoral roll in 2017 – meaning an increase of 1.4% more people registered to vote compared to 2016. An impressive 93% of households responded to the annual canvass – 3% more than the previous year. The increase is thought to be due to the ease of responding to the survey online, by email and text, with 44% more householders returning their form online than the year before.

Colette Maund, Electoral Services Manager for Herefordshire Council, said:

“We would like to thank residents for checking and returning their household enquiry form on time, meaning approximately 95% of Herefordshire is now registered to vote. This is a real boost to local democracy as these voters can now have their say at local, parish council and national elections.

“93% of households responded to the annual canvass as it was quick and easy to do online, by email and text. We aim to build on this next year by using mobile devices to capture people’s responses ‘on the go’ and make the annual canvass a simpler process for residents.”

For further information about registering to vote, visit www.herefordshire.gov.uk/elections

Published: 15th January 2018