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LIVE UPDATES 14 December

08:17 Rubbish and Recycling update

Rubbish & recycling collections are being carried out as normal today, Thursday 14th December. Due to snowy and icy conditions in some areas and streets collections may not be possible. If your collection does not take place today please take your rubbish or recycling back in and place out again on Thursday 28th December.

If your collection was due on Monday or Tuesday please leave your rubbish or recycling out until the end of Friday.

If your collection does not take place this week due to the snow please take it back in and place out on your next scheduled collection for that waste. If your rubbish was not collected we will take additional rubbish up to a maximum of 4 black sacks. If your recycling was not collected and you have extra please use clear or transparent sacks and label ‘RECYCLING.’ Please do not use black sacks for your recycling.

Trade waste – these are taking place as normal for Thursday. We are also returning to businesses not collected on Monday and Tuesday. Please try and ensure access to your bins is snow/ice free to increase the possibility of collection taking place.

08:17 Bus Services

Running normally

Published: Thursday, 14th December 2017