31 adopted plans makes Herefordshire the leading local planning authority

Herefordshire Council has commended the work and effort of parish councillors and community members who have volunteered and successfully produced an adopted neighbourhood development plan.

Councillor Philip Price, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, met representatives from parish councils who were among the first in Herefordshire to begin the process of neighbourhood planning.

Neighbourhood planning representatives

Councillor Philip Price (centre) with parish council representatives


31 neighbourhood plans have been adopted in the county so far - the most in the UK, making Herefordshire Council the leading local planning authority for neighbourhood planning.  Mid Sussex District Council follows with 20 adopted neighbourhood plans.

Neighbourhood planning gives forward thinking communities the opportunity to get involved in planning policy, taking charge of and shaping the development of their local community. The process is undertaken by town and parish councils, with Herefordshire Council providing technical support and assistance to ensure plans meet the strategic planning requirements laid out in the council’s Core Strategy.

Councillor Philip Price said:

“Producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan is an exciting chance for towns and parishes to have a real say in how their community grows, such as by proposing where new homes and businesses can be built and what they should look like.

“I would like to show gratitude to the 109 designated neighbourhood areas, where community members have given up their time and taken up the challenge of neighbourhood planning, making Herefordshire the lead local planning authority in the UK.”

There is advice, support and guidance about neighbourhood planning on the Herefordshire Council website

Published: 5th December 2017