Herefordshire Council has been asked to consult on the future of the school

Herefordshire Council statement Friday 1 December 2017

The headteacher and governors of St Weonards Primary School have been unable to set a budget that would enable the school to function effectively in coming years, due to the challenge of low and falling pupil numbers. A school’s budget is mainly determined by the number on roll; currently St Weonards has 20 pupils on roll, the smallest number of any school in Herefordshire. Numbers have fallen as a result of some families moving away from the area, meaning that future years’ budgets are likely to be even more challenging.

Herefordshire Council has been asked to consult parents, staff, the local community and neighbouring schools on the future of the school. An initial meeting for parents was held on Tuesday 28 November 2017 and further meetings will be held to keep parents informed and to ensure their concerns are heard. Following a consultation period one of the options that might commence could be the statutory process to propose the closure of the school.

St Weonards Primary School, Herefordshire Council and Herefordshire Marches Federation of Academies will work with parents to ensure children continue to benefit from a high quality education. If in the event that closure is decided, they will ensure that parents are supported in securing places at alternative schools.

Published: 1st December 2017