The sales contracts completion process has started

Herefordshire Council has begun the completion process for its smallholding estate sales.

The expected status of all tenancies (as of 13 October 2017) by completion is:

  • 12 tenants will have bought all or part of their holding
  • 4 tenants will continue their tenancy under a new landlord
  • 9 tenants have retired
  • 13 tenants have found other opportunities through new tenancies, ownership and employment in the rural business and agricultural sectors
  • 2 tenants have yet to confirm their intentions
  • Herefordshire Council retained 7 smallholdings from its estate, with those tenants remaining on existing terms

In accordance with statutory requirements, Herefordshire Council has agreed almost £1million in end of tenancy compensation to Farm Business Tenants for improvements to their holdings during their tenancy. 19 tenants applied for and received financial support through the Tenants' Support Grant Scheme - a discretionary payment available to all tenants to support them through the disposal process.

The process of the launch, marketing and handling of bids and subsequent sales has, and will continue to, follow our adopted governance procedures.

Published: 13th October 2017