Responses have now been published before a final decision is made

Results of the consultation on children's centre buildings have been released online with 513 responses that will contribute to how the buildings operate in the future.

The consultation has taken place as the council considers how to make the best use of the buildings in light of changes as to how children centre services are run and the demand for nursery and school places.

During June and July 2017, children's centre users were asked for their views on specific options, such as services being potentially delivered by schools, increased use of buildings by nurseries and creating shared-use facilities to make better use of the local site and use public funds more efficiently.

Responses came from across the eight children centres and two satellite centres, with the highest response rate of 40% from Widemarsh Children's Centre. Although there was general support for the options, there were also concerns, such as difficulty travelling to alternative sites, sharing facilities would reduce available services and that services should be protected. 

Herefordshire Council would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute and help shape the decision needed to be made at Cabinet in September 2017.

The full report can be found in the consultations section.

Published: 23rd August 2017