Top tips for being a good neighbour this summer

Herefordshire Council receives up to 1000 noise complaints a year, with a 50% increase over the summer months. Most summer noise complaints are about loud music, parties, barking dogs and loud factory equipment, so Herefordshire Council is urging residents and businesses to follow their top tips to make the summer enjoyable and prevent noise nuisance occurring in your neighbourhood.

Funded by a grant from the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, noise officers will be on call into the early hours of the summer weekends, monitoring noisy hot spots and investigating noise complaints.

Marc Willimont, Herefordshire Council's Head of Regulatory and Development Management Services, said:

"Fortunately, most residents and businesses in Herefordshire are considerate of their neighbours, but we will take firm action against the small minority who persist in causing noise nuisance.

"Whether it keeps people awake at night, or stops them enjoying life at home during the day, noise can be a real problem. Simple steps such as telling neighbours about a planned party or leaving contact details if a barking dog is going to be unattended can prevent complaints and means you can be contacted directly if any problems arise."

To be a good neighbour this summer, read the top tips for limiting summer noise at

If you are concerned about excessive noise in your area this summer, call Herefordshire Council's out of hours noise team on 01432 261761. They will be on call until the end of August from 9pm to 2am every Friday and Saturday evening, and on August bank holiday Sunday.

Published: 4th July 2017