Hereford prepares for the May Fair grand opening on Tuesday 2 May

Hereford May Fair


Heart-stopping rides, side-shows, food stalls and ancient ceremonies are all part of the street extravaganza which is Hereford's May Fair. 

Up to 200 showmen and women from around the country will make their way to Hereford to prepare for the grand opening on Tuesday 2 May.

Thousands flock into the city centre every year - some from other counties - for the three-day festival. The streets come alive with visitors enjoying the festival atmosphere and a myriad of entertainment.  

Abie Danter, Chairman of the South Wales and Northern Ireland Section of The Showmen's Guild, said:

"Once again we are proud to present Hereford's annual May Fair arriving on bank holiday Monday 1 May when we start setting up from 6pm.

"A warm welcome awaits you when you join us at this historic and impressive traditional fun fair. Showmen from all over the UK will provide excitement, fun and laughter from riding the heart-stopping white knuckle rides to bumper to bumper fun and not forgetting the thrills of the children and traditional rides. From rides to stalls we have it all, including some new attractions for 2017!"

Hereford May Fair 2016

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Hereford May Fair

The Opening Ceremony is at 3.45pm on Tuesday 2 May at Cathedral Close. The Mayor will make a ceremonial offering of 12-and-a-half bushels of wheat to the Bishop of Hereford as payment for allowing the fair to proceed. This year's ceremony will once again see the ringing of the fair bells. Commissioned by the national president and local chairman of the Showmen's Guild, the bells will now be rung to signify the opening of each guild fair in the division.

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Published: Friday, 28th April 2017