Fines given in a case taken to court by Herefordshire Council’s Community Protection Team

Martin Rohde of Bishopstone, Hereford and David Healey of Leominster were both found guilty last week, of transporting waste without a waste carriers licence, depositing commercial waste at Rotherwas household recycling centre and failing to produce any waste transfer documentation to an officer.

The case was heard on 21January 2016 at Hereford Magistrates Court where Rohde and Healey both received fines and costs of £1749.00 and £1329.00 respectively in a case taken by Herefordshire Council's Community Protection Team.

Household Recycling Centres may only be used by residents in Herefordshire wishing to dispose of their own household waste. The deposit of commercial waste or any waste associated with a business is unlawful at household recycling centres and anyone found doing this will be prosecuted.

Unlawful waste disposal and fly tipping costs council tax payers tens of thousands of pounds each year. Businesses do this to avoid the cost of disposing of their waste lawfully.

The Community Protection Team will investigate traders for fly tipping and anyone seeing a fly tip should report it via the council website  or by phoning 01432 261761 on Monday to Friday - 9am to 4.15pm.

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Published: 26th January 2016