Communities now being given the opportunity to have more say in the on-going development of the area around them

Communities are now being given the opportunity to have more participation in the shaping and on-going development of the area around them.

The updated Statement of Community Involvement gives comprehensive information on the various ways to do this, such as Neighbourhood Development Planning, Community Right to Build and Neighbourhood Development Orders.

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out the council's commitment to engage with all those potentially interested in planning and development in their area and the methods used to do this.

On Wednesday 10 February 2016 a 6 week public consultation will begin on the revised Statement of Community Involvement.

In order to reach the widest possible audience and to remain cost effective, the council is committed to using electronic communication whenever possible, including email, website and social media. Information points, such as libraries and customer service centres across Herefordshire will also continue to be fully utilised. 

New legislation published between 2011 and 2012 has meant a move away from a planning system deep rooted in central Government and historically perceived to be arduous and difficult to navigate.  Emphasis is now firmly placed on early engagement and collaboration between local authorities, neighbourhoods, local organisations and businesses.


Published: 8th February 2016