On behalf of Herefordshire Council, Balfour Beatty Living Places has established the county’s first Community Flood Signage Scheme in Orleton

The scheme enables trained Flood Warden Volunteers to close a small stretch of highway during a flood event to prevent vehicles driving though flood water, preventing accidents, breakdowns and damage to property caused by bow waves.

The scheme has taken a lead from Nottinghamshire County Council who already run a successful Community Flood Signage Scheme. Initially being run as a trial scheme, it is hoped that the model can be rolled out to other communities within Herefordshire.

Ross Cook, Corporate Director for Economy and Environment, said: “By serving as a Community Flood Signage Volunteer, people can help their local areas at the most critical time – that of a flooding incident. Volunteers can safely close roads and prevent vehicles from driving through flood water, preventing accidents, help improve flood resilience, mitigate damage to property and help to protect the most vulnerable members of their community.

“Community Flood Signage Volunteers don’t need any previous experience, they simply need to attend a short training session and then a refresher course every three years. This will cover water safety, risk control, road safety and sign set up.”

Community flood signage volunteers

Anthony Agate, Operations Manager at Balfour Beatty Living Places said: “We are pleased to be supporting Herefordshire Council to trial the county’s first Community Flood Signage Scheme. 

“As part of the scheme we will be training volunteers and supplying them with protective equipment and signage, supplementing the existing flood defence support we already provide”.

If you would like to become a Community Flood Signage Volunteer, please email floodrisk@herefordshire.gov.uk to express your interest.

Published: 25th June 2024