Helping to bring local history to life, Herefordshire Museum Service is launching a new oral history project.

The Herefordshire Museum Service is undergoing a transformation, broadening the types and range of exhibits to create a more engaging and inclusive experience for visitors.

With a focus on telling local stories through innovative exhibitions that highlight significant historical events as well as celebrate the everyday lives and achievements of local people, the museum service aims to deepen the connection between the community and its rich heritage.

The museum service is launching a new oral history project, ‘Voices of the Wye,’ dedicated to preserving the unique stories of those who have lived and worked on the River Wye.

The River Wye has been a vital part of Herefordshire’s history for centuries, from its use as a transport route during Roman times to its role in the industrial and cultural landscape of the region. The ‘Voices of the Wye’ project will collect and preserve the narratives of those who have worked along the river, providing insights into their daily lives and professional experiences.

The ‘Voices of the Wye’ project will document the experiences of the river's ghillies, bailiffs, and other professions before their invaluable stories are lost to time. This project will enable a significant gap to be filled in the museum collections, offering future generations a vivid narrative of the River Wye's cultural and ecological legacy.

Herefordshire Museum Service is offering up to £7,000 for an experienced oral historian to lead this important project. The successful candidate will conduct and record interviews with a minimum of six individuals connected to the River Wye. The recordings and transcriptions will be archived for long-term preservation and used to enhance future museum exhibits.

For further information please email  with Voices of the Wye in the subject line by 14 July 2024.

Published: 18th June 2024