Events for Refugee Week (17-23 June) are taking place across Herefordshire, to celebrate what ‘Our Home’ means to each of us

Refugee Week takes place across the world each June to mark the contributions and creativity of refugees. The theme this year is ‘Our Home’, as together we celebrate what this means – where we live, where we gather to share meals and share time, our collective home planet Earth.

Herefordshire has a proud history of welcoming refugees to the county with compassion shown by local communities to those in need. Most recently this includes people from Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Syria and Ukraine. 

Events and activities are taking place across Herefordshire during Refugee Week to highlight and build a greater understanding the challenges refugees face when seeking safety, and to celebrate their positive contribution to our county.


Refugee Week 2024


Film and photography


The locally produced film ‘Razom/Together’ honours the warm welcome Ukrainians have received in Herefordshire and is a culmination of the shared experiences, connections, and stories of the group of young Ukrainians and Herefordians.
You can find out more and watch online at


‘Where am I now?’
This photographic exhibition showcases a collection of images taken by Ukrainian teenagers in Hereford in 2023. This is a Hereford Help for Ukraine project.    
17–21 June (during opening hours) at Kindle Centre (by Asda), Belmont Road, Hereford


Sergiy Korovayny exhibition
View the exhibition by Ukrainian photojournalist Sergiy Korovayny, and a showing of the locally produced film ‘Razom’.
17–21 June (during opening hours) at Ledbury Library, The Master's House, Ledbury


Culture celebration


Celebrating diverse cultures
Enjoy a celebration of the diverse cultures of refugees from various nations, including Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Syria. Come along to sample a variety of delicious traditional foods from these countries, and try writing words in the unique scripts and alphabets of these different languages.

21 June, 4pm-6pm, Kindle Centre (by Asda), Belmont Road, Hereford   


Ukrainian food culture

Hosted by HVOSS, this month’s Community Kitchen will explore how Ukrainians have adapted to British cuisine as well as sharing how their tastes have changed, and what ‘home’ now means to them.

22 June, 12-4pm Ross-on-Wye Baptist Church, Broad Street, Ross on Wye

29 June, 12-4pm Baptist Church, Commercial Rd, Hereford


Sharing stories and support


Shared support
St. Peter's Church invites you to a support session discussing Refugee Week, which will also include an opportunity to share stories.
17 June, 12pm-2pm, St Peter’s Church, St Peter's Square, Hereford


Clothing sale

Ukraine Freedom Company Hereford is organising a sale of clothing. All items are priced under £5, and there is a wide selection of high-quality clothes for all ages.  Proceeds to go to distribution of humanitarian aid in Ukraine.         

17- 18 June, 10am - 4pm, St Peters Church, St Peters Square, Hereford           


‘In Ukraine’, presented by Paul Smith

For nearly two years, Paul from South Shropshire has been working as a volunteer delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine. His talk ‘In Ukraine’, captures his own experience, supported by a video and photographs.  The talk will give you a better insight into the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and introduce you to some of the people he has helped. 

20 June, 7pm, Salvation Army Centre, Canonmoor St, Hereford


The Language Café

As well as a chance for those learning English as a second language to get conversational practice and gain confidence, the cafes provide an opportunity to meet new people and learn more about different cultures. This week’s cafes will offer the opportunity to explore what ‘home’ means, and to ask questions about hosting a refugee family.

19 June, 10.30am, Hereford Revive Café, Christian Life Church, Edgar Street, Hereford

22 June, 3pm, Ledbury Community Hub, New St, Ledbury

Refugee Week service
Join St. James' Church for a special Refugee Week service dedicated to worship, story sharing, interviews, and prayers for peace.           
23 June, 10.30am, St James’ Church, Green St, Hereford           

Further details about all of these events can be found on Refugee Week 2024 on Herefordshire Council’s website.


Published: 13th June 2024