Herefordshire Council is encouraging residents to let their Town and Parish councils know about improvements needed to their local Public Rights of Way network

The Public Rights of Way (PROW) network across the county is set to be improved thanks to £250,000 investment.

The funding is being made available to Town and Parish Councils for replacement of PROW assets such as stiles, finger posts and gates. The scheme, which will be implemented through the parish council lengthsmen (local people employed to do minor maintenance work), will also fund bespoke items such as rails and maintenance work. 

Maintaining the PROW network is important so that residents and visitors can access and enjoy the countryside.  This funding will help local communities to improve sections of their local PROW network which, for various reasons, may have become inaccessible to some users.

The announcement comes during national Walking Month, which promotes the benefits of walking for physical health, mental wellbeing, and enjoying the fresh air outdoors.

If there is an improvement you would like to see on a PROW, please contact the local parish council for that area. You can find a map and their details on the council website: About parish councils – Herefordshire Council

For more information about Public Rights of Way in Herefordshire, go to the council website: Public rights of way – Herefordshire Council

For more information about activities in Herefordshire during national Walking Month see: National Walking Month – Herefordshire Council

Published: 28th May 2024