Visitors to Hereford can now enjoy new contemporary artworks as they tour the city

Eight fantastic contemporary sculptures have been unveiled in Hereford, completing the new public art trail across our city centre.

The sculptures have been created by talented artists from Hereford College of Arts (HCA) and established artists linked to Hereford as part of a project jointly commissioned by HCA and Meadow Arts to celebrate 170 years of creative education in the city.

The eight locally produced sculptures join the eight wall murals recently commissioned by Studio Response and produced by leading street artists working nationally and internationally.

The sculpture project draws inspiration from English laws of the 17th and 18th centuries that required shops to display visual trade representations crafted by local artisans, by repurposing disused signage brackets.

A map of the public art trail guides visitors on a tour of the city taking in the best locations alongside enjoying the artworks on display. The two mile tour takes about one hour to complete at a moderate pace. Along the way more information can be unlocked by scanning the QR codes located next to each artwork.

Councillor Philip Price, cabinet member transport and infrastructure said:

“We are delighted that young artists studying locally have this opportunity to showcase their creative talents. We have seen such a warm welcome to the stunning wall murals across the city, and these contemporary new sculptures sit well alongside. Together, these two sets of artworks and our established city art works complete our Hereford public art trail which will enhance the city experience for visitors of all ages.”

Anne de Charmant, Artistic Director at Meadow Arts says:

“The first thing this project has taught me is to look up and see the city beyond what’s in front of you. We really hope that this project will stimulate different responses. Each and every sculpture has another dimension. You can really ponder, look at them and take something away. We are hoping it will get people to think a little bit differently.”

Abigail Appleton, Principal Hereford College of Arts said:

“Creativity is at the heart of Hereford’s past and future. This is an exceptional city in many ways including being home to one of the UK’s historic arts schools in an internationally renowned tradition of Arts School education. We are thrilled that this public art project will make Hereford’s creative identity more visible and showcase the work of an extraordinary community of staff, students and alumni.”

The artists and artworks are

  • Cloud Palette #1 - Matthew Cornford
  • Diamond - Lothar Götz
  • The Sturgeon and the Artist - Nicholas Stevenson
  • Unleashed - Laura White
  • Bangin’ the Drum - Mark Houghton
  • Wonders - Celia Johnson co-produced with Wigmore High School
  • Plough - Daniel Moss
  • HR101 - Rich Makin

We would love to see people out enjoying the trail. Post your photos to social media using #HfdsArt

Find out more about the sculptures and the artists on our website

Public Art trail maps

Collage of the murals and sculptures that are part of the public art trail



Published: 26th April 2024