Orange Button wearers from across Herefordshire came together for the inaugural Orange Button Community event held at Saxon Hall, Putson.

With 30 wearers in attendance, the event marked a pivotal moment in the fight to reduce suicide in Herefordshire.

The event saw the unveiling of new promotional Orange Button videos, aimed at spreading awareness and fostering support for suicide prevention efforts. Esteemed guest speakers from Hereford Men’s Mental Health Group and Herefordshire Mind shared valuable insights and perspectives on the importance of mental health support.

Representatives from local government, the health sector, educational settings, and concerned individuals joined forces to address the pressing issue of suicide prevention. Together, they pledged to work collaboratively to reduce suicide rates across Herefordshire.

Matt Pearce, Director of Public Health in Herefordshire said:

Good mental wellbeing is a key priority for us in Herefordshire and the orange button scheme can help support those suffering in silence. The more we can all do to break stigma around mental health and empower people to speak openly and honest about their feelings, the better for everyone.

Councillor Carole Gandy, Cabinet member adults, health and wellbeing, said:

I fully support the Orange Button scheme. The more people in Herefordshire that take up the opportunity to carry out the training and wear the Orange Button, the less those experiencing from mental health issues and suicidal thoughts will feel stigmatised and unsupported.  Not one of us can know whether in the future we might need the support of an Orange Button wearer so let us get really behind this scheme.

The distinctive Orange Button symbolises solidarity and support for those struggling with suicidal thoughts. Wearers of the Orange Button signify their willingness to talk openly about suicide, listen without judgment, and guide individuals to the support they need.

Individuals across Herefordshire who have undergone quality-assured mental health or suicide prevention training in the past two years are encouraged to consider becoming Orange Button wearers. By joining the Orange Button community, individuals can play a crucial role in providing vital support and assistance to those in need.

If you have completed mental health training, including suicide prevention, and wish to become an Orange Button wearer, you can apply via the Now We're Talking website: Now Were Talking Together To Prevent Suicide | Talking Therapies (

Together, let’s make a difference in preventing suicide and promoting mental well-being in our community.

Published: 26th February 2024