Consultation on phased reduction of services

Herefordshire Council is continuing to face significant reductions in its government funding and as a consequence is looking at every service it provides to consider if it's being delivered in the most efficient way and providing a quality service for those who need it.

As part of this approach, by March 2018 the council will need to reduce its funding by £193,000, which it currently provides to Crossroads Care and Herefordshire Carers Support for delivering services to the county's carers. This will be a phased reduction over the coming financial year and further reductions will need to be considered when commissioning future services for carers.

The council is already working in direct partnership with the county's carers to produce a countywide carer's strategy, which will recognise the significant contribution made by carers to the wellbeing of many thousands of Herefordshire residents. A robust strategy will help to mitigate against any possible negative impact of the budget reductions.

The strategy will be based on carers' specific priorities to ensure there is a clear focus on the whole family, support for self-care and mutual support within communities and identified ways to support carers that don't require direct funding. Carers must have access to universal services through effective information and advice and be confident that the person they care for receives the right support.

Where there remains a need for a direct carers service, the strategy will set out future service commissioning plans for beyond 2018.

Councillor Patricia Morgan, Cabinet member for adults and wellbeing, said: "We are very conscious of the central role played by carers in ensuring a good quality of life for their loved ones across the county.

"The strategy offers the opportunity for us to work closely with carers of all ages to better understand their needs and identify ways in which they can be confident they're able to access the support they need from their local community."

Published: 19th January 2017