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Latest flooding information

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If there is any risk of danger to people or property from floodwater ring 999 immediately. 

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Road closures

Please do not drive past road closed signs or into flood water as there may be hidden dangers - flood levels may have dropped on certain roads but roads are not reopened until they have been inspected for safety.

Updated 15 Jan, 11:50

  • U70210, Bury Hill Lane
  • C1122 from C1120 to Wellington Crossing

All road closure information is from official road closure notices from Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP)

Roads with  2 way lights

  • B4355 Roddhurst 

The following roads have reopened

  • Paytoe Lane, Leintwardine reopened
  • C1113 Ketch Lane, Bodenham  reopened
  • U71025 Wilton Lane, Ross on Wye reopened
  • C1120 Old School House to Moreton on Lugg reopened
  • C1086 Letton reopened
  • C1125 Shelwick Green- reopened
  • C1121 Millcroft, Bodenham- reopened
  • C1258 Huntsham Bridge, Ross on Wye- reopened 
  • U72201 Rectory Road, Hampton Bishop- reopened  
  • U70604 Homs Road, Ross on Wye- reopened  
  • B4234 by Hazlehurst nursing home, Kerne Bridge, Ross- on- Wye- reopened
  • Wye Street, Ross-on-Wye- reopened
  • Lower Bullingham Lane, Lower Bullingham- reopened
  • C1126 Sutton St Nicholas - reopened
  • U94003 Cherrybrooke Close, Hope-Under-Dinmore- reopened
  • U72016 Watery Lane, Hereford - reopened
  • C1144 Larport Lane Dormington- reopened
  • A4113 from A4110, Walford, Leintwardine - reopened 
  • B4355 Roddhurst, under two way lights- reopened 
  • B4229 Kerne Bridge, Goodrich, Ross on Wye - reopened 
  • B4399 Holme Lacey Causeway, under two way lights - reopened 
  • B4361 Hereford Road, Leominster- reopened 
  • U93609 Southern Avenue, Leominster- reopened
  • C1122 Wellington- reopened
  • A44 Monkland - reopened
  • A4110, Aymestrey to Wigmore- reopened
  • B4361 Orleton- reopened
  • A4110 Eardisland- reopened
  • U94422 Wyson Lane, Brimfield- reopened
  • C1033 Eardisland- reopened
  • U72004 Kilforge Road, Carey- reopened
  • U72413 Coldwells Road, Holmer- reopened
  • A456, Little Hereford to Shropshire border - reopened
  • U73413 Littlemarsh Common Road, Clehonger - reopened
  • B4361, Orleton- reopened
  • A44 Pembridge- reopened
  • C1072 Bridge Street, Kington- reopened
  • Damson Close, Orleton - reopened
  • C1047, Orleton- reopened
  • U82300 Bullingham Lane, Hereford - reopened
  • C1195 Peterchurch - reopened
  • B4355 from Rushcock lane to A44 Sunset - reopened
  • U91201 Ridgebourne Road, Kington -  reopened
  • A4137, Marstow - reopened
  • A417 Bodenham - reopened
  • A4103, Hereford to Worcester Road, between bottom of Fromes Hill and Five Bridges - reopened
  • C1212 Wormbridge - reopened 
  • U72413 Coldwells Road, Holmer - reopened
  • U80035 Outfall Works Road, Hereford - reopened
  • Holme Lacy Road, Hereford - reopened
  • B4362 Coombes corner, Shobdon - reopened
  • C1032 Pembridge - reopened
  • A465 Aylestone Hill Roundabout, Worcester Road junction - reopened
  • A438, Letton - reopened
  • A4110 Leintwardine - reopened

Report a flood

Use the contact numbers below to direct your report to the appropriate agency to deal with it:

  • Flooding on a road or footpath - call us on 01432 261800
  • Flooding from a burst water main or sewer flooding - call Welsh Water on 0800 085 3968 (24-hour service) or Severn Trent Water on 0800 783 4444 (24-hour service)
  • Flooding to your property from river or groundwater flooding - call the Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 988 1188 (24-hour service)
  • Flooding to your property from an ordinary watercourse (such as a stream, drain, ditch or brook) - call us on 01432 261800. Any information you give us may be shared with other organisations to help prevent and improve our response to flooding in the county

There is also flood advice information available on our website.

Published: 5th January 2024