A new date for the Golden Valley South Ward election is being arranged

The election for the Golden Valley South Ward of Herefordshire Council on Thursday 7 September 2023 will be rearranged following the sad death of candidate Toby Howard Latutin Murcott.

Paul Walker, Returning Officer for Herefordshire Council said: “We send our condolences to Toby Murcott’s family at this sad time. Legally, we must now postpone the election in
Golden Valley South Ward. I have already contacted the other candidates, and will be writing to all affected electors.”

A new date for the election is being arranged and new poll cards will be sent to all affected voters once the date set. They will tell voters how to arrange a postal or proxy vote if they cannot make it to the polling station on the new date.

Any postal votes already returned will no longer count. Postal voters will be sent a new postal vote.

Candidate nominations will reopen for a set period once the new date is announced. All other previous candidates remain validly nominated and will be included on the ballot paper. Anyone wanting to submit a nomination can email nominationpapers@herefordshire.gov.uk or phone Electoral Services on 01432 260107 for a nomination pack.

Published: 4th September 2023