New policy means extra support for employees who foster

Herefordshire Council is happy to announce that we are now a Fostering Friendly employer – a programme by The Fostering Network, which helps organisations to actively support fostering, and in particular, foster carer employees.  

We have implemented a policy to make a real difference to our employees who foster, and support others in becoming approved foster carers themselves.  

Darryl Freeman, Herefordshire Council’s Corporate Director of Children and Young People, explains:

“All of our foster carers are extremely important to us and the service they provide is invaluable to children and young people across Herefordshire.
”Being recognised as a Fostering Friendly employer means we can now offer flexible working patterns to our employees who foster, and those going through the application process. It enables them to access a minimum of five days extra paid leave for their fostering commitments, including meetings with social workers and other agencies, attending training, settling young people into their new home and more.” 

The Fostering Network is the UK’s leading fostering charity. Their Executive Chair, Mervyn Erskine, says:

“Becoming a Fostering Friendly employer is something to be really proud of. Foster carers are the bedrock of children’s social care – for the difference they make to the lives of children. It is important that this vital role is not only recognised, but also encouraged by their employers.  

“By supporting our employees to become foster carers and promoting the role to other employees, this helps to build on the thousands of extra fostering households needed in the UK, for the children who need them most.”  

The scheme is free to join and suitable for organisations of any size – please get in touch with The Fostering Network to join the growing number of Fostering Friendly employers.

There’s a national shortage of 7,200 fostering households, and Herefordshire is no exception.  

The fostering community is open to people from all walks of life, no matter your age, gender, relationship status or sexual orientation.

If you are considering fostering, please get in touch with the council’s Fostering Team on 01432 383240 or email or complete an online Fostering enquiry form.

For more information about fostering in Herefordshire, visit

Published: 16th May 2023