This information will be updated as it becomes available

Latest road information due to flooding

This information is also available on our live incidents map

Please do not drive past road closed signs or into flood water as there may be hidden dangers - flood levels may have dropped on certain roads but roads are not reopened until they have been inspected for safety.

Last updated at Tuesday 24 Jan, 14:00

Please note - Road closures may still be in place due to ice or debris in road

Road Closures

U81100 Huntingdon Lane, Hereford       

Roads reopened

C1122 Wellington (24/01)

U93607 Ginhall Lane, Leominster  (23/01)

U72015 Lower Bullingham Lane, Lower Bullingham, Hereford (23/01)

U92206 Paytoe Lane, Leintwardine (23/01)

U71025 Wilton Lane, Ross on Wye (23/01)

C1120 From A49 to Old School House, Moreton-On-Lugg (19/01)

C1098 Madley to Bridge Sollars (19/01)

C1113 Ketch Lane, Bodenham (18/01)

C1258 Huntsham Bridge on Huntsham Road, Goodrich (18/01)

U93605 Newtown Lane Newtown, Hereford (17/01)

C1120 from C1121 to Gravel Lane, Bodenham (17/01)

C1121 Millcroft Farm to C1120, Bodenham (17/01)

A4110 Leintwardine (16/01)

A4113 Leintwardine (16/01)

A438 Letton (16/01)

U70600 Wye Street, Ross on Wye (16/01)

C1267 Hoarwithy (16/01)

C1261 From C1234 To Knapp Green, Hoarwithy (16/01)

A4113 Leintwardine (16/01)

A4110 Leintwardine (16/01)

B4229 Kerne Bridge, Goodrich, Ross on Wye (15/01)

C1035 Eardisland (15/01)

U65618 Tanhouse Lane, Cradley (15/01)

B4362 Presteigne - between Combe and Combe Corner (15/01)

B4530 Walford, Leintwardine (15/01)

C1120 from C1121 to Gravel Lane, Bodenham (15/01)

C1125 From The Vauld To The River Lugg Sutton (15/01)

B4399 Holme Lacy Causeway (15/01)

C1268 Holme Lacy Road, Rotherwas  (15/01)

Published: 24th January 2023