An additional £1.75m is being spent on road resurfacing and other schemes across Herefordshire this autumn

Roads in each of the county’s market towns are being resurfaced thanks to additional investment of £1.75m. Each of the market towns has £350k allocated for road resurfacing work and other safety improvement schemes, which are set to take place over the coming months.

The schemes will include resurfacing, patching, safety barrier improvements, structural and drainage improvements, vegetation clearance, and white line repair. Works have already started in Ross, and further works in the other Market Towns will take place in September and October.

Cllr John Harrington, Cabinet Member Infrastructure and Transport, said: “This additional investment is excellent news for our highways network, particularly in the market towns. The Council carries out extensive monitoring, maintenance and proactive improvements to our roads in accordance with the Highways Maintenance Plan, which tends to favour higher speed roads to the detriment of urban streets.

“We have to use our yearly roads budget, severely reduced as it is, in this way and using this safety matrix or we risk getting even less funding from central government. So this extra funding really helps us to make sure market town road surfaces are finally getting some long overdue TLC and are not left behind.

“We have secured these budgets after lobbying from County and town Cllrs, and difficult as it is to find the extra funding, we realised it was important to the towns and their residents to get some resurfacing done.”

Published: 6th September 2022