Help keep our crews cool by putting bins out early

Due to the Met office’s hot weather warnings for Thursday 11 and Friday 12 August 2022, our crews are again starting their recycling and rubbish collection rounds an hour earlier than usual.

The idea is to give the collection crews an opportunity to finish a little earlier than usual, to avoid the worst of the sun, as temperatures are forecast to rise to over 30 degrees in Herefordshire.

This will affect all bin collections on the two dates mentioned above.

If your collection is due on one of those days, please put your recycling or rubbish bin out either the night before or by 5.30am on your usual collection day.

This is a temporary change for the dates stated and we apologise in advance if you experience any disturbance due to our earlier collection times.

Nicola Percival, Herefordshire Council’s waste services manager, says:

“We did this in July during the last spell of extreme weather and received no complaints at all from residents. We’re very grateful for that. It’s really helpful for our crews to be able to go out and finish their rounds an hour earlier than usual to avoid the hottest parts of the day. We know most people put their bins out the night before they’re due to be collected: they won’t be affected by this minor change. It’s really to alert those who usually wait until morning – please put your bins out by 5.30am if they’re due to be collected this Thursday or Friday so our crews don’t miss you out. Thank you for your cooperation.”

For more information on waste, visit our recycling and rubbish webpages.

Please visit our newsroom for heat health advice.





Published: 10th August 2022