As part of its annual analysis, Herefordshire Council has shown that there is sufficient housing land available to demonstrate a current supply of 6.19 years.

There is a national requirement that local authorities should have a minimum of five years’ supply of housing sites at any time.  Where this requirement is not met, national planning policies indicate there is a presumption in favour of granting planning permission for new housing. When this happens it is much more difficult to refuse permission for speculative housing development.

Last year, Herefordshire was able to demonstrate a five year housing supply for the first time since 2015. As a result, housing proposals have been able to be determined in accordance with the adopted local planning policies set out in the County’s Core Strategy and supplemented by more detailed Neighbourhood Development Plans produced on a Parish basis.

Thankfully, following the latest analysis for 2022, this will continue to be the case.

Councillor Liz Harvey, Cabinet Member for finance, corporate services and planning said: “I am very pleased to be able to confirm that Herefordshire has – for the second year - met its 5-year Housing Land Supply. Last year was the first time since 2015 that we met the benchmark. To achieve this in consecutive years is great news for everyone in need of housing across our communities and for everybody who is now working towards more positive, sustainable development.

“Herefordshire now has the world’s first Integrated Wetlands scheme, and we are very close to commencing the accompanying phosphate credits system. This will enable developers to offset their phosphate impact and unlock nutrient neutral development opportunities. The Council will continue to monitor its Housing Delivery Action Plan to ensure delivery stays on track with the assurance that new homes won’t contribute further to river pollution while we continue the important work needed on a new Local Plan so that Herefordshire can develop more sustainably from now on.”

Published: 5th August 2022