Herefordshire Council’s Forward Planning team are today (05 August) launching an online survey to collect residents’ views about their local parks, playgrounds, sports pitches and other open spaces including wilder natural areas. The survey asks residents to tell the council whether their local spaces are accessible and meet their needs, are attractive and well kept, and help them to connect with nature.

Public spaces are capable of delivering many vital benefits to both people and wildlife - whether it’s opportunities to exercise and walk the dog, to provide spaces for food growing and to connect with others, natural habitats for wildlife to flourish, shaded areas in hot weather or to help prevent flooding events by ‘soaking up’ heavy rainfall. 

The information collected will be used to inform the council’s work to develop an evidence base which will be used to form planning policy on the natural environment in the updated local development plan. The information people provide in the survey will therefore influence how the council brings forward public open spaces well into the future.    

To complete the survey, visit the Commonplace website. The deadline to submit responses is Friday 9 September 2022.

Cllr Liz Harvey, Cabinet member Finance, Corporate Services and Planning, said: “We are calling on all local people to share their views on the county’s parks, playgrounds, sports facilities and open spaces by taking part in this new consultation.

“Responses will help to shape how we manage the spaces we already have, to ensure they are kept healthy and provide the best leisure opportunities for residents and visitors. It will also give us the information we need to ensure the right sort of new recreational and amenity space is provided when new development takes place.

“As well as completing the survey, we ask that you please share the link with friends, neighbours and colleagues, and on social media. The more responses we receive, the more comprehensive the results will be.”

If you have any questions about this survey or the Herefordshire Council’s work to update the local plan, please email: 

Published: 5th August 2022