Herefordshire Council Cabinet will consider an £8.5million investment in new museum and library for the people of Herefordshire at its meeting on Wednesday 29 June

Cabinet will receive recommendations to invest £8m of capital funding to the complete refurbishment of Hereford Museum and Art Gallery in Broad Street, and £0.5m funding to relocate Hereford Library to a renovated Maylord Orchards centre. The funding will combine with a £5 million funding bid to an alternative fund and £8 million planned from the Stronger Towns fund, bringing the total cost of the Museum refurbishment to £18 million and the Library relocation and renovation to £3.5m.

A redeveloped Museum and Art Gallery would support the creation of a world-class, energy-efficient, cultural and visitor experience at the heart of Hereford. As well as other treasures, it would be an ideal place in which to showcase the Herefordshire Hoard, which the Council is campaigning to bring home for the people of Herefordshire. The new Library and Learning Resource Centre would also provide rentable space for a range of services and organisations, including the Council’s adult learning services and health and wellbeing clinics.

Councillor Gemma Davies, cabinet member for commissioning, procurement and assets, says: “At a time when we need to use our funding to make the biggest impact for the people of Herefordshire, these projects are hugely exciting. Our investment in cultural service is so important to support local people and adds exciting destinations and support for both residents and tourists. There’s plenty of evidence showing cultural and creative centres attract visitors who go on to spend time in hotels, restaurants and other local venues and we expect the new museum to attract around £2.5m to the local economy every year. These projects represent good value for money for the people of Herefordshire and put culture at the very heart of our city’s future.”

Cabinet members will consider the recommendation at their Cabinet meeting on 29 June. More information can be found in the Cabinet papers.

Published: 23rd June 2022