Herefordshire residents could soon be reaping the rewards of a better environment thanks to a new campaign designed to further improve recycling across the county.

Residents are telling us they need more help with what to put in what bin. ‘Getting it right’ aims to help people put the right items into green bins and clear recycling sacks.

Each year, the council’s recycler, Envirosort, has to reject 2,900 tonnes of material that can no longer be recycled because of things placed in the wrong bins. That’s enough rubbish to fill over 250 waste collection lorries. ‘Getting it right’ uses a straightforward approach to help residents. The campaign will use newspapers, radio, bin lorries and social media to ensure the messages reach as many residents as possible.

What we cannot recycle

The most common thing residents struggle with is what to do with plastic packaging. All plastics people can crush in their hand, including cling film, pet food pouches and crisp packets, need to go into general waste bags.

Food and unwashed food packaging is also unfit for recycling. All leftover food needs to go in with general waste. Firm food containers – like the plastic trays ready-meals are packaged in – need to be quickly rinsed before being put out with other recycling items.

Other things not accepted in recycling bins and sacks include:

  • Batteries
  • Black sacks and other soft plastics
  • Drinking glasses (plastic and glass)
  • Electronic equipment
  • Food
  • Garden waste including flowers
  • Knives and saucepans
  • Nappies
  • Textiles and shoes
  • Tissues

Black plastic cannot be recycled yet as Envirosort’s scanning machines are unable to detect it.

Councillor Gemma Davies, who is responsible for waste and recycling, says:

“It is absolutely obvious that more and more people are trying to do the right thing by placing more items into recycling bins and clear sacks. So, we want to thank them for their efforts.

“However, as I continue to get quizzed about what can be recycled, the council has to accept that residents aren’t always clear on this. It’s a real shame that people sometimes put the wrong things out for recycling by mistake. But it does suggest we’re all trying to work towards the same goal of improving recycling to help our environment.

“Getting it right is our way of working with residents on this issue. We intend to spread the message as widely and as often as possible. Residents will hear about it on local radio stations, read about it in newspapers, online and on our social channels.

“We also want to remind residents that many items that cannot go into green bins and clear sacks can go to our household recycling centres or returned to some local retailers.”

For more information to help ensure you’re Getting it right, visit our recycle webpages.


Published: 29th April 2022