Herefordshire Council is due to make a decision on whether to join a new government scheme to expand gigabit coverage (1000mbps) across the county.  

Currently, over 93% of properties in Herefordshire can access a superfast broadband connection (defined as 30mbps), with over 36% able to access a gigabit capable connection, largely as a result of Herefordshire Council’s superfast delivery project, Fastershire.

A recent government announcement has committed additional funding for the south of the county to be part of a national gigabit scheme. Project Gigabit aims help increase access to gigabit capable broadband to 85% of UK properties by the end of 2025, and the scheme will fund the rollout in areas that are not being reached through private sector investment.

This follows the news that Gigaclear, one of the suppliers operating in the county, is struggling to deliver to some of the hardest to reach areas. The council decision, due to be taken on 17 November, sees Gigaclear use additional investment to complete their commitments in the north of the county, with a break from their planned activity in the south. Rather than leaving these properties without a solution, the proposal will consider the whole southern area to become part of Project Gigabit, paid for by national government.

While Government’s new scheme prepares to launch, Herefordshire Council will be looking to offer households affected by the change a grant for a temporary network solution. The council will also offer additional support for community schemes and support to businesses. This is based on the recognition that broadband coverage is an important part of everyday life for work, study and connecting with others.

The decision document can be found on the council website

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Published: 10th November 2021