As we head into winter, we would like to remind residents about what they can do to stay safe from COVID-19 and flu.

Case rates of COVID-19 in the county are particularly high at the moment, especially among young people, so it is vital that everyone continues to follow the key safety advice.

This includes:

  • Wearing a face mask and keeping your distance from people, especially in crowded areas or on public transport
  • Washing your hands regularly with soap and water
  • Having good ventilation
  • Testing regularly
  • Taking up the offer of the COVID and flu vaccinations

Dr Rebecca Howell-Jones, Acting Director for Public Health in Herefordshire, said:

“Case rates are currently very high in Herefordshire. As we go into winter, taking necessary measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission remains important, and can help prevent other infections such as flu too.

“Therefore, it is really important that people take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and the wider community.

“Hands, face, space and ventilation is a good mantra to practice and will help get case rates down.

“It is also really important that you have a COVID vaccine if you haven’t already done so, and for those who are eligible, taking up the flu jab and COVID booster offers.

“Testing also plays an important role to be able to identify cases, self-isolate and importantly identify contacts who can then take a test – breaking the chain of transmission.

"Please visit where you can find out more information about what you can do to keep Herefordshire safe.”

Published: 5th October 2021