We are looking for people from a wide variety of backgrounds to join our new Herefordshire Climate and Nature Partnership Board

The Board will involve actively collaborating with others to:

  • Mobilise individuals and organisations countywide to sign up to the Partnership and to engage in the Action Plans
  • Commission projects in support of the Action Plans
  • Monitor progress on the Action Plans including helping to develop up to date carbon and nature assessments for the county
  • Review and update the Action Plans, by regularly reviewing progress and priorities, and drawing on examples of good practice from Herefordshire and elsewhere

The vision of the Herefordshire Climate and Nature Partnership is a thriving zero-carbon nature-rich Herefordshire by 2030. The purpose of the Partnership is to catalyse and coordinate new action to help achieve this vision, through steering and overseeing the implementation of Herefordshire’s Climate and Nature Action Plans.

Cllr Ellie Chowns, Cabinet member for environment, economy and skills, said: “Herefordshire Council has been a local authority leader in addressing climate change for several years, and has been looking at ways to reduce its carbon footprint while leading countywide carbon reduction since 2003. We are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030/31, and declared a climate emergency in March 2019. In December 2019, this declaration was strengthened to a 'climate and ecological emergency', which demonstrates the council's commitment to protecting Herefordshire's natural environment, biodiversity and wildlife.

“We are now looking to the wider county to play its part in tackling the much bigger issues of emissions from homes, businesses and transport. The best way you can help is by applying to join the Herefordshire Climate and Nature Partnership Board.”

The Climate and Nature Action Plans have been created over the past year by a committed group of people and organisations from a variety of backgrounds across the county. The plans pull together six key themes:

To register your interest in getting involved with the Partnership Board, please visit www.herefordshire.gov.uk/applyhcnp

All applications must be submitted by 5pm on Thursday 16 September 2021.

Cllr Chowns continued: “We are also encouraging residents, community organisations and businesses to make their own changes, both small and large, so that together we can better protect the environment and preserve our wonderful county for future generations. Everybody has a part to play, and the most inspirational success stories are the ones of local residents who have really done their bit, like Elly Deacon-Smith and her family.”

Elly deacon smith and family

“As a family, we’ve become increasingly concerned about the climate crisis and wanted to understand more about the carbon impact of the way we live.

“We started by assessing our carbon footprint with a carbon calculator tool and this was quite enlightening for us. The simplest change we made was to switch to a renewable energy supplier, which was quick and easy.

“We changed the way we shopped; firstly asking whether we really needed something, and then exploring whether we could get the things we did need second hand. Hereford has a number of great second hand selling sites that meant we could find pretty much everything we needed locally. We were often buying fruit and veg at supermarkets that had been flown in from across the globe. So we started getting our fruit, veg and meat from a local supplier who delivers straight to our door. Not only was this much better quality produce, but it was healthier and more local too!

“As a family we had already made a commitment not to fly, but we made a conscious effort to walk or cycle instead of using the car and our daughter started using public transport to get to and from school.

“We’ve found it surprisingly easy and enjoyable to make changes to our lifestyle that have reduced our carbon impact. We’ve met some really supportive and knowledgeable people, who have offered us lower carbon goods and services, sharing their knowledge and expertise and often saving us money!”


Elly Deacon-Smith

To find out more about the Climate and Nature Action Plan, and for some ideas for how you can look to reduce your own carbon footprint please see visit zerocarbon.herefordshire.gov.uk

Published: 5th August 2021