Referendum information clarified

Herefordshire Council has reviewed the content of publications circulated by third parties in relation to the Fownhope Neighbourhood Development Plan. Herefordshire Council would like to clarify information provided for the Fownhope Neighbourhood Plan referendum.

On Thursday 7 July, Fownhope residents will be asked 'Do you want Herefordshire Council to use the Fownhope Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide applications in the neighbourhood area?'

If residents vote yes: The Fownhope neighbourhood plan will be adopted by Herefordshire Council as statutory planning policy and any future planning applications will be adjudged against its policies, together with those of the Herefordshire Core Strategy and the National Planning Policy Framework.

If residents vote no: The neighbourhood plan will not be adopted but any future planning application will be adjudged against the policies of the Herefordshire Core Strategy and the National Planning Policy Framework, until an alternative Fownhope Neighbourhood Development Plan is formulated and adopted following approval at a future referendum.

The Fownhope Neighbourhood Plan has been produced on behalf of Fownhope Parish Council by a steering group and has been subject to a number of consultations. The National Planning Policy Framework and the Herefordshire Council Core Strategy provide generic planning policy and these are currently used to determined planning applications within Herefordshire. Neighbourhood planning gives local communities the opportunity to produce additional locally tailored planning policies to support these. 

Published: 5th July 2016