Our team are out and about around the county giving out home testing kits every week.

mobile test unit in Ross on Wye

We also offer tests on site in some locations. Helping you to carry out regular testing whenever and wherever you need it. 

The testing programme for Covid-19 is playing a vital role in helping to keep us all safe by identifying those who have the virus, but no symptoms, so that they can self-isolate and avoid passing the virus to others. Around one in three people who are infected with Covid-19 have no symptoms. Rapid testing using lateral flow test devices (LFT) is a fast and simple way to test people who are not showing symptoms, and helps us to stop spreading Covid-19 without realising it.

This week* we will be at:

Monday 26 July

Tuesday 27 July

Wednesday 28 July

Thursday 29 July

Friday 30 July

Saturday 31 July

You can also follow where we are on social media, search @HfdsCouncil or follow #HfdLft


If you can't make it to one of the pop-ups find out where else you can pick up tests in Herefordshire or order them online to be delivered to your home.

Lets Keep Herefordshire safe

Five easy stages of a rapid COVID-19 test. 1 Set up - clean testing area and hands, unpack kit, read instyructions. 2 - Swab - throad then nose. 3  Process test - place swab in liquid in tube, squeeze liquid onto flat test device. 4 read result- keep test

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Make testing paart of your new normal with Hands face spcae and fresh air






* the locations and times may be subject to last minute changes

Published: 26th July 2021