Herefordshire Council is appealing to the community to #CelebrateSafely this festive season and share their top tips for staying safe while enjoying the season’s festivities.

The best present you can give friends and family this Christmas is their safety. Whilst the government has announced relaxation of the rules around households mixing over Christmas, Herefordshire Council is imploring residents to carefully consider their festive activities to protect themselves, their friends and family from coronavirus.

“There are many ideas for celebrating with loved ones in a safe way this Christmas, from online gatherings, to getting out and about in the great outdoors or sending festive wishes from a safe distance,” says Dr Rebecca Howell-Jones, Acting Director of Public Health for Herefordshire Council.

“We’re asking residents to think twice about their plans to ensure they are celebrating safely, and protecting their family and friends. It’s been a dramatically different year than any of us would have imagined and this will need to be a different type of Christmas.

“We would love to hear what you are you doing to be Covid-safe, as part of our #CelebrateSafely social media campaign. Perhaps supporting your favourite local business by shopping with them online, hosting an online Christmas quiz, or planning ahead for an extra special party in the spring instead of the traditional family events?”

The social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter show how the county’s residents and community groups, and local businesses plan to celebrate safely during the festive season.

“It’s so easy to take part and to share ideas. Just post to your social media account using #CelebrateSafely. It could be a short video, a photograph or a simple message,” concludes Dr Howell-Jones.

Follow the #CelebrateSafely campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @hfdscouncil and use the hashtag in your posts.

How to get involved

  • Do you work at a local business? Record a short video showing how you’re keeping your premises Covid-safe
  • Are you meeting your friends or family virtually rather than in-person? Take a screenshot or record a message
  • Are you shopping in a local town or supporting local businesses online? Take a photo of your purchases and tag where you bought them on social media
  • Are you doing something extra special in a creative way, like enjoying an online pantomime remotely? Take a screenshot


Christmas presents with graphic tect #celebratesafely

Published: 17th December 2020