Students enjoy the Brian Hatton Trail

Running into art participants


During the schools' enrichment week at the end of term, a small group of students from the Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School set off on a trip at 9.30 am into the "unknown", led by Ian Smith the Head of House and Science teacher, Peter Gibbins, Senior Master and Robyn Thorndyke, volunteer at Herefordshire Museum Resource and Learning Centre.

The 'unknown' was actually to run the The Brian Hatton Trail, a delightful 6 mile route around Breinton and Warham in a beautiful part of the Wye valley, the Trail was designed by Mr Robin Thorndyke, in association with Herefordshire Council & Herefordshire Museum Service.

Mr Thorndyke, spoke to students about the life and work of Brian Hatton, the talented young artist that lived and worked in the Whitecross area of the city about 100 years ago.

Mr Smith said -

"The students really enjoyed the exercise, visiting Breinton spring, seeing the locations the artist used for his paintings and then stopping off at Hereford Community Farm for lunch and a tour to see the animals. The farm was also the location where Hatton based much of his work 100 years ago"

You too can discover the Brian Hatton trial and find out more about the artist and the pictures he created, local events to celebrate his centenary as well as more information on the series of lectures on the works of Brian Hatton being given by Robin Thorndyke in the Autumn

You can also view the trail information leaflet on the Herefordshire Council website here - detailing all the painting locations that feature on the trail.

Published: 26th July 2016