Post hearing and further consultations on the Core Strategy

The examination process started when the council submitted the Local Plan Core Strategy to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 23 September 2014. Public hearing sessions were held between 10 and 25 February 2015 at Hedley Lodge in Hereford. These hearings were a key milestone in the broader examination of the Plan.

Issues arising from the examination hearings

At the hearings the Inspector asked the council to undertake two specific tasks:

1.  Re-modelling of the assessment of five year housing land supply

Read the five year housing land supply consultation document and responses

As a result a technical consultation took place between 2 and 11 March 2015.

2.  An assessment of the effect of the publication of the 2012 household projections on the amount of housing required in the county

As a result a technical consultation took place between 19 and 27 March 2015.

Read the 2012 Household Projections implications document and responses

Proposed modifications to the Plan

As a result of the hearings some modifications to the Plan were proposed in order to ensure its soundness.

View the main modifications to the Local Plan

A six week period of consultation took place on these modifications and ran from 20 March to 22 May 2015. This consultation process related only to the proposed modifications to the Plan that have arisen as a result of the examination in general, and the hearings in particular.

View the main modifications addendum on wind energy